Wednesday, September 5, 2012

End of a chapter

The farm has been sold, and the closing date is fast approaching. I'm looking for a new place to live (renting this time), and have sold or adopted out most of my ponies, horses, and other critters.

Sneakers, our old faithful, passed away of old age at 35 or so in August. He ate his breakfast just fine, and at some point after I left for work in the afternoon, he lay down and died. Mom and I were heartbroken, but we're both glad he lived a long life with us. He'll be remembered by lots of Pony Club kids, therapy kids, and adults for a long, long time.

Rusty, the hound x terrier dog, found a new home with good people. Diva and Aggie (the cows), along with Comet, the goat, have gone to be pets at someone else's farm. Forever Porto, Firefly (Fly), and Raven have new homes, too. Melina and James (and their parents) adopted Butterscotch, and Jasmine has a new home with Macey and Dianne. Donna is now Paul and Yannick's horse.

I still have Sam (Jasmine's colt from this year by CWS Totally Silver) and Silver. Mom has Beauty, Spot, and Pebbles, although she's trying to sell Spot. Since we'll be boarding our ponies, it's going to be more expensive. Shy, Beauty's filly from 2012 by Silver, will be leaving soon to go to Elite Equine in Southern Ontario. She qualified for the Royal Winter Fair when miom showed her at Summerfest this year, and Cheryl and her son, Jadon, plan to show her in the Sport Pony class.

Thank you very much to all the generous and wonderful people whom we met over the last six years. We couldn't have done it without you. We're sorry that the farm had to be sold, but we just couldn't afford to keep it going.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Puddles is here!

Mom got her wish: Puddles is a filly! She's about 16 hours old in the picture.

Born at 2:10 am on Sunday, May 29, 2011, Puddles is a big bay filly. She has a star in the shape of an apostrophe, just like her full brother, Pebbles.

Mom hasn't completely decided on her show name, but is leaning towards Rain Dance Dreams as it was pouring rain when Puddles was born. We both got to see the whole birth, thanks to the wonderful people at Mare Stare who called me. Mom watched from home, and I stood by in the barn in case Beauty had a problem. I have a video of the birth and more pictures on FaceBook.

After an exciting night, Serge and I showed in our dressage classes at Forever Green Stables. Serge rode Raven in the Senior Walk/Trot division and did very well for his first ever English show - and we're especially proud of him since he's only been riding Raven for 3 weeks! I earned two 2nd place ribbons on Porto in the Senior First Level division, and a 1st place ribbon on Reo in the Senior Walk/Trot division.

Silver was a very good boy for me in the Senior Walk/Trot division, scoring just over 50% even though he was scared. He tried very hard to be a good boy - and got 7s for his halts. It was his first time at a show since we've had him, and may have been his first show ever. I'm sure he'll do better next time.

All in all, we were very pleased with the results of our first show of 2011.

Porto is home for the summer now, and I look forward to riding him regularly.

This Thursday, Lorraine and I are going to head off with the trailer to pick up a pair of Bashkir Curly mares. Lorraine's daughter is allergic to horses, but shows no reaction to the hypoallergenic Curlies. They'll be bred to Silver, and we hope that they'll have beautiful Curly foals next year.

EastWind Pony Club news

Pony Club meeting at the farm on Sunday, June 5th, at 1 pm. It's mom's birthday, so we're having cake for a snack. We may also have a potential new member visiting.

Bring your helmet and boots as we may ride (PPG practice) if the weather is good.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

We're still watching Beauty on Mare Stare. :)

Her udder is full and the fluid is now whitish, so we're hoping she'll foal soon.

Otis has a new home. He has two little boys (3 & 4) to love him. They were very excited about their new pony! Otis went to his new home in Brockville on Sunday. Mom microchipped him with a Can-Trac microchip before he left, so we can track him - and identify him - if he's ever adopted by a different family.

Christina's family is having a garage sale to help raise funds for the farm. It's at Forest Valley Elemantary School, in Orleans, on May 28th from 9 am to 3 pm.

Come on out and buy something!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mare Staring

We're watching Beauty on the Mare Stare camera: Check out her link here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Silver's identity confirmed!!

I received this message from the American Morgan Horse Association today:

"the DNA results for your horse and they have confirmed that the horse you took the sample from is CW'S TOTALLY SILVER #163246. This new sample qualified to the sire and dam as well as matched the existing DNA type on file."

I sent his owner a message via Facebook and left a message on her home phone with the results. Now we just have to negotiate the transfer fee for his papers!


Happy Easter!

Don't forget to get your photos in for our Easter/Spring online photo show. To enter, go to our FB page and become a member, then post a picture of you and your equine dressed for the season. There's no entry fee, but there are ribbons (handcrafted by Mom) for the winners at each level.

Friday, April 15, 2011

April is halfway over!

Life is busy, and updating this blog seems to be near the end of the ToDo list some days.

The American Morgan Horse Association sent me a DNA kit, so we're now waiting for the results to come back to confirm that Silver is truly CW's Totally Silver.

Even if he isn't, he's a lovely pony, and we'll have a few foals by him next summer.

He and Jasmine shared a stall for a few days last week, so we're expecting a March foal out of her. He's a very kind and considerate horse to breed, either in-hand or freely. Even with several mares around in season, he behaves well on the lead and can be ridden.

We love Silver!

I celebrated my 30th birthday in March. Mom baked and decorated a birthday cake. Daphne, Christina, Lori and her children, and Mom were here for a spaghetti dinner to help Serge and I celebrate. Granny and Grandpa took us all (Serge, Mom and me) out to the Rideau Carleton Raceway for dinner on the Friday.

Thank you all very much for making my birthday special.

Patricia brought a new pony home to use in her equitherapy lessons: Paddington. He's here on a lease and is only being used for ground work right now. He loves to be brushed and petted.

Susan B. bought two more equines: Sweet Pea, an older pinto pony, and Nikitah, an older Thoroughbred mare. She gave me Sweet Pea for my birthday.

Both Sweet Pea and Nikitah are well-trained, obedient equines, and both are delightful to ride. Sweet Pea is only suitable for young children or really skinny teenagers as she's only 10 hh, but Nikitah can be ridden by adults on a hack or in the ring. She has some age related issues that mean that she can't be jumped, but she does walk, trot and canter just fine.

Both Sweet Pea and Nikitah will be used in Pony Club practices for the summer.

For personal reasons, Susan B. surrendered Nikitah and Otis to Dreamscape Acres. That means that Otis is available for adoption or sponsorship again. Until he's adopted, he'll continue to be used in equitherapy and the Pony Club practices.

Dreamscape's Delilah has been adopted!

She's come so far in the last 3 years that she was ready to be adopted. We'll miss her, but know she has a good home as a warmblood/Canadian Sport Horse broodmare at Westbound Stables in Orton, Ontario. We trailered her to her new home on Wednesday and they were delighted to meet her.

Delilah wowed them with her huge floaty trot in the arena, and was happy to let them smoosh all over her. We can't wait to see her foals in the next few years - she'll be bred to top notch warmblood stallions and should produce more huge, gorgeous babies.

I have a new website for the farm. Check it out here: Dreamscape Acres Stable.

We sent in seven entries to the International Spotted Horse Registry Association (ISHR) first quarter online photo show, and Jasmine placed third in the Solid Colour category, and Spot My Dream also place third, but in the Spotted category. Each of them will receive a certificate for their record pages.

This quarter is the Foal to 2 Year Old online photo show, so we'll be taking lots of pictures of Beauty's foal when it arrives, as well as Breezy and Pebbles.

We're also looking forward to the Summerfest Breeder's Show this year - and plan to fill the trailer with ponies!

Patricia has a webpage for her equitherapy business now. Check it out here: Stable Foundations.

She's planning to be a full-time therapist come the fall.

EastWind Pony Club news

Our last meeting was all about Quiz. Every one of our members will be participating in Regional Quiz for the very first time. We practiced some of the games that will be played at Quiz and everyone did quite well.

Not only are all the members going to Quiz, we have at least three volunteers going to help out. Thank you very much for being so active in Pony Club - it's as good as you make it, and by volunteering, you help keep the costs down.

Daphne and Christina will be on a Level 3 team with a member from another branch, and Miella, Emma and Kaitlyn will be a Level 2 team. Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Halfway through March!

Well, life has been busy!

The vet came out and did teeth at beginning of February. He floated and inspected a lot of horse teeth, and pulled two rotten teeth out of Sneakers, and one out of Beauty. Mom saved the teeth for our collection, and put them in the corner cabinet in the kitchen for safekeeping - and so Jasper and Rusty don't eat them like the caps off Spook's teeth. Christina, Daphne and mom came to watch and take pictures - and hold ponies. Pebbles was also gelded that day - and the girls were a big help holding his legs. Thanks, Christina and Daphne! I'm glad your parents let you come out for the day!

Bobbi (Bobbing for Dapples) has a new home. She came from Aspen Creek Stables in the hopes that she would be another large pony for the girls to ride, but she just wasn't suitable. She's better off being a one-family horse than ridden by a wide variety of kids. Her new family loves her to bits, and she'll be a great "backyard" pony for them.

Peanut came back to visit for a couple of weeks with his buddy, Allie (a minature mare) while his owners were on vacation. They brought Peanut and Allie over in their minivan, and picked them up a couple of weeks later. He's really grown! Allie is cute, but bossy, so she had some extra manners work done while she was here. Pebbles was glad to see his brother again.

Breezy, Firecracker and Delilah are available for sale/adoption. We thought that Delilah was going away on a breeding lease, but those plans fell through. Hay is so expensive that we can't keep all the wonderful ponies that we have, so we need to downsize.

Cinder, one of our rescue ponies that was adopted last year, had a beautiful colt this weekend. Her new owners sent us pictures. Even though she's a bay, her foal is a pinto - and awfully cute.


We have puppies! The Lake of Two Mountains Hunt had some 'oops' puppies (Patterdale Terrier and Foxhound mix) and we agreed to foster/adopt them to help them all find new homes. There are three: Rusty, Rufus and Jewel. Rusty is ours, mom is fostering Jewel, and Sue B. is fostering Rufus. They're all adorable!

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, please contact me at the farm, either by phone or by email.

EastWind Pony Club news

Christina did her presentation for her Breeds badge at the last meeting. She chose Westphalian as her breed, and did a great job of putting together a poster and oral presentation for the branch.

All of five our members, plus two chaperones (Lorraine and me), spent the first weekend in March at SLOV Winter Camp at McSkimming. Mom was a clinician in the crafts area on Saturday. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we had a great time.

Everyone should be practicing for Quiz (April 17). Our next meeting is on April 10th at 1 pm - the week before Quiz.